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Individual Executive Leadership Coaching

Being successful as a leader, or even in life, requires having the skills necessary and taking action, but just as important, it requires awareness of oneself, others, and the world we live and work in.


One on One coaching focuses on enhancing leadership or management performance and overall personal development and identifies outcomes to improve professional performance and personal growth. This requires that we are clear about our strengths and areas of growth.

  • Benefits of coaching include:

    • Enhanced skillset

    • Increased productivity

    • Improved ability to deliver effective feedback and communication

    • Heightened self-awareness

    • Higher levels of emotional intelligence and empathy

    • Developing Presence and your unique voice

Designed to transform and overcome challenges, our coaching steps and tools for leaders challenge them to explore and expand their range and potential for more significant impact. Partnering with you in curiosity and courageous pursuit of your desired outcome, My coaching offers practical, workable support for choice and change.


Choices include session packages or a la carte option.


Team Coaching

What is a Team?

Any group of people together to perform interdependent tasks to accomplish a shared goal.


Team Coaching focuses on results, relationships, roles, and conflict.


What is Team Coaching?

"Partnering in a co-creative and reflective process with a team on its dynamics and relationships in a way that inspires them to maximize their abilities and potential to reach their common purpose and shared goals."

-International Coaching Federation


This definition highlights several critical aspects of team coaching:

  • Partnership: as the coach, I collaborate with the team as equals rather than as an expert or authority figure.

  • Co-creativity: The team and I work together to identify goals, challenges, and solutions.

  • Reflectivity:  The team is encouraged to examine their behaviors and dynamics to gain insight and improve performance.

  • Focus on dynamics and relationships: As the coach, I help the team to understand how their interactions impact their effectiveness.

  • Maximizing potential: The coaching process aims to help the team reach their full potential individually and collectively.

  • Reaching common goals: The team is guided towards achieving their shared objectives.


Whether your teams navigate transitions, strive for higher performance, or seek to innovate and grow, our expert coaching can catalyze profound and lasting change.



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