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Individual Executive Leadership and Group Coaching

Individual Executive Leadership and Group Coaching


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Individual Executive Leadership Coaching

Being successful as a leader, or even in life, requires having the skills necessary and taking action, but just as important, it requires awareness of oneself, others, and the world we live and work in. 

One on One coaching focuses on enhancing leadership or management performance and overall personal development and identifies outcomes to improve professional performance and personal growth. This requires that we are clear about our strengths and areas of growth. 

Benefits of coaching include:

  • Enhanced skillset
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved ability to deliver effective feedback and communication
  • Heightened self-awareness
  • Higher levels of emotional intelligence and empathy
  • Developing Presence and your unique voice

Designed to transform and overcome challenges, our coaching steps and tools for leaders challenge them to explore and expand their range and potential for more significant impact. Partnering with you in curiosity and courageous pursuit of your desired outcome, My coaching offers practical, workable support for choice and change.

Choices include session packages or ala carte option.

Group Coaching

Group leadership coaching, or peer group coaching, brings together like-minded people with similar roles. An example of this would be new leaders or managers. As a coach, I facilitate discussions and run structured activities for the group in a collaborative environment.

Ultimately group coaching encourages growth, learning, different viewpoints, insights, and knowledge to support participants in growing their leadership skills. Building trust with each other, participants are able to manage their roles better and handle complex issues more easily. 

Group leadership coaching is a powerful and effective way for participants to improve leadership, confidence, strengths, heightened self-awareness, team building, and overall workplace wellbeing.

Examples of Past Coaching Groups:

  • Executive Team Alignment and communication 
  • Women’s Leadership groups
  • Team Accountability groups
  • Leadership Development groups

Group coaching can be tailored for three, six, and 12-month engagements